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          about us
          Our Web Developer Knows Better How to Add Up Functionality To Your Pages.

          ASP .Net Development

          'Be the next to challenge us and get benefit from our cost effective .NET services.'


          .NET has become one of the leading technologies for web and desktop application development. The platform offers robust, secure and scalable custom ASP.Net web applications. Cyber Designz has acquired great proficiency in .NET Development over the years. Our company has competent .NET development team that along with application development provides expert .NET outsourcing and consulting services.


          Services we offer in .NET Framework

          • ASP.NET Web Application Development
          • .NET Windows Application Development
          • Enterprise ASP.NET Application Development
          • Custom SharePoint Application Development
          • Custom ASP.NET Application Development
          • ASP.NET Application Migration
          • Upgrading application to newer .NET platform
          • ASP.NET Application Maintenance
          • ASP.NET Application Testing
          • Silverlight


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          Technologies-We are expert in

          • ASP.Net, C# &VB.Net
          • Microsoft .NET ?1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 Framework
          • Web services
          • WCF
          • Win Forms
          • WPF
          • Web ?Forms
          • MVC
          • XML, XSL & RSS
          • ADO.NET
          • Entity Framework
          • LINQ


          Our Successful .NET Solutions


          Our capability and expertise in .NET development is acknowledged and accredited all over the world. We have the best team that has successfully delivered solutions in the following areas
          • eCommerce Portals
          • Enterprise Management Systems
          • Rich Internet Applications
          • Construction Scheduling Application
          • Real Estate Applications
          • CRM Solutions
          • Retail Management Solution
          • Tasks and Project Management Applications
          • Budgeting and Time Tracking Applications
          • Smart Client Applications


          We don't limit our offer list here as our professional programmers are ready to accept any challenge anytime from the clients.




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