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          about us
          Our Web Developer Knows Better How to Add Up Functionality To Your Pages.

          Windows Application Development

          Cyber Designz employs optimum technologies in trend to develop rich, user-friendly, and effective windows Applications that work offline. The company is distinguished in producing software that addresses real time issues and ventures for top quality windows applications. We offer affordable rates and deliver projects at a faster pace.


          Our Windows Application Development Techniques


          • Use latest software development platforms
          • Use latest software application development tools
          • Use latest project management technologies
          • Use best software engineering practices



          Platforms Used In Windows Application Development


          Our experts accept unique challenges and help you grow your business through easy to access and easy to use rich windows applications. Following platforms are used during windows application development process:
          • Visual Basic
          • .Net (Dot Net)
          • Visual C++
          • C#, C, C++,
          • Java
          • SQLServer
          • Microsoft Access
          • MySQL as database for a broad spectrum



          Best Features Of Our Windows Applications


          The success of our windows applications is due to the following features:
          • Robust
          • Flexible
          • Scalable
          • Role based information access
          • Secure
          • Auto recovery
          • Backup/ archiving



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